QuickBooks Error 105 on American Express

Question: I have been getting a 105 error message for 4 days and haven’t had a issue with my transactions loading from my American Express account until now.

Ive tried editing login info but keeps giving me the error AmEx site maintenance error 105, but i can log into my American Express site fine.

Currently, American Express is unable to have transactions import into QuickBooks Online. Users that attempt to update their account will receive bank error 105. The engineering team is aware of this and is working with American Express to resolve this in a timely manner.

Please contact the Phone Support Team so they can pull up your account in a safe environment and sign you up to receive email updates as soon as they become available. Here’s how to reach them:

  1. Visit the following link: QuickBooks Contact Us.
  2. Select options for the two prompts.
  3. Click Get Phone Number.

Additionally, I’ll keep an eye out for updates and provide them as soon as they’re made available to me.

Lastly, it appears that you marked a response as the solution which requested you to call in along with a phone number. This was a third party group and the information has since been removed. Please only contact QuickBooks Support with the number provided in their official contact page.

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