Sage Timeslips is an effectual software with varied features used by many corporate organizations. Many of the businesses are dependent on the Sage Timeslips software for determining time and managing all the accounting work. Few of the features like time tracking on automated basis, and billing of clients that too make the work go fast and accurate.

There is no doubt saying Sage Timeslips Software is one of the most used accounting software and has fulfilled needs of billing system. The features of the software are worth appreciating and immensely useful. Whether it’s an organization with less amount of capital or an organization with huge funds the software is of complete use. The feature of making things go in an accurate form has been successfully able to convert time of accountants into huge number of dollars. No matter how the task is difficult but the whole billing process gets simple with the installation of the software.

What you can do with Sage Timeslips?

Just with a single click of this software, one can update time sheet and can also enter the billing time by making editions into the interface. The details that are important to the business can no longer be ignored with this software as one can create alerts on regular basis. Creation of reports that are professional in every aspect can be easily created. To print the reports or it’s about making editions to the past bills everything can be done in a very simple form. Every user can make use of all the advanced features such as different reports for billing purpose, accounting needs, networking, etc.

Correct billing on regular intervals and making the reports that are safe- each and every feature of sage Timeslips is made to benefit every type of firm. All types of features are there to help with well-organized supervision for billing purpose on timely basis. With the passage of time the software has gone through many changes to make it better. Just like other software, the Sage Timeslips Software also has some errors and the errors can vary from version to version.

Note: It is always suggested to take the backup of your data and have a soft as well as hard copy of your important reports.

One of the most common errors that is encountered by many users is “Another Station is Accessing your Timeslips Database”.  If you have came across this message then there high chances it might have stopped you from accessing the software. Also, it might have put a stop for you while trying to connect with the Sage Database. The reason behind this error might be all the systems using Timeslips software have constructed a common way. Due to the small variations, the pathway might have already mapped. Few of the reasons of facing this issue are as follows:

  • Improper installation of software and updated with a different pathway.
  • Loss of network connectivity in your system and sent you a message to look for Timeslip.cfg file.
  • Modification of the path from the past one with a new drive letter.
  • Installation of the server of Timeslips as well as TSTimer.


Steps to Fix the Error:

  • Identification of the path issue.
  • Verify whether the TSTimer is operating on the server or not and if it is operating, make the changes to the settings of the server and make sure it does not run in the upcoming hours.
  • Cross-checking of MSConfig and be sure that the TSTimer does not start on its own. Close the application once the verification part is done.
  • Open the Timeslips application. From Help menu, select the about Timeslips. After finding the Timeslips application folder path as well as the configuration folder path. Make sure everything is same on all of your systems.
  • After identification that which software is using different path, fix this issue. After going to the system that is having the different path, select the Menu from the Toolbar, click on the Programs then on the All Programs then on the Further go on the Station Administrator Options. After selecting the Change Install Path. Locate the Timeslip.cfg file that you noted earlier. Click on Ok once all the steps are done. To confirm whether the errors have been fixed or not, try opening Timeslips one by one.


After performing these steps mentioned above, if you still face the error message on any of your system, then it is the time to look for the Sage Timeslips Support help. The software can be best used to make a record of all the productive activities in monetary terms. The software is made to provide the maximum efficient hours to your business.

Contact Sage Timeslips Technical Support:

Our highly experienced Sage Technical Support Team is there to help you with any of the Sage issues. No matter the issue is of specific error type or a usual error, all the errors can be solved by our Sage Technical Support Experts. They are available to help you out 24*7. Dial 1.800.273.5709 and resolve Sage Timeslips error.