complete-accountingPeachtree Complete Accounting is a well-rounded accounting system for the small business owner. This is an accounting system that will be of value for many years as your business expands. The capability of more precise forecasting based on prior business years is one of the best aspects. By using Peachtree, you will be you in control of your business with features that allow you to track cash flow, be assured of the accuracy of your data and manage your payroll much easier.

You may be thinking Peachtree sounds like a complicated system, but it is not. The system is quite easily navigated and has help icons on every screen. If you are unsure of something, simply click on the icon and most likely you will find an answer here. Remote Peachtree support is available and there are very detailed instructions as well. A navigation aid is another source of help.

The following are features of Peachtree Complete Accounting.

  1. Create and send invoices.
  2. Charge sales tax.
  3. Track payments.
  4. Create estimates.
  5. Time tracking and billing by customer.
  6. Delayed billing.
  7. Recurring billing.
  8. Print checks.
  9. Track expenses.
  10. Change Peachtree Print Form
  11. Automated online banking – daily expense download.
  12. Generate, customize, print, and e-mail reports.
  13. Send reports to Microsoft Excel.
  14. Prepare and print 1099s.
  15. Connect multiple users in different locations.
  16. Give your accountant access to your books.
  17. Set user permission level.
  18. Peachtree Creates Problems after Windows Update

When a business starts using Peachtree Complete Accounting it will get the following Benefits due to its great features:

  1. Save time: Instead of having one person for payroll, another for estimating jobs and another for banking you have it all within one. It is so easy to do that one person can take care of all of these jobs and have time left for other tasks.
  2. Convenience: Accounts receivable and accounts payable sections are provided for your convenience. Printing checks, purchase orders, tax forms and tracks sales are all part of the system that will make handling your business much easier and less time consuming. The accounts payable area will allow you to print payroll checks for your employees, and they may even be directly deposited using Peachtree.
  3. Compatible with most of Operating system: Peachtree is compatible with Windows Vista, XP SP2 and 2000 SP3. At the least, Internet Explorer 6.0 is required for this program, but it is provided as long as you have the extra 70 MB of space. For availability of the services of this accounting system, you must have access to the Internet and at least a 56 Kbps modem.

Users of Peachtree had so many positive things to say about it. They were very impressed with its capabilities to replace several accounting programs with just one. They also noted that in comparison to other systems Peachtree is far more affordable versus buying different systems for various uses. They praised the versatility of this program with its multiple uses that support multiple users.

The multiple user functions are ideal for use by three or four people, and if you require something for a larger setup, there is a quantum version available. People were impressed with the speed and stability displayed by the Peachtree system, as well as its ability to make changes in inventory and keep track of expense tickets and sales invoices.

Peachtree is a great and multifaceted system for the business owner. With accounting being a requirement, and not on option for business, and very important to make it run in a very efficient manner, the Peachtree does just that, along with being easy to use and convenient. Peachtree Complete Accounting is such an impressive system that it won the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.