Accounting can be a hassle for a small or young business because it is not normally possible to employ a full-time accountant. However, bookkeeping tasks can be made simpler by installing Peachtree software into the company computers. This program is easy to set up, cost effective and user-friendly. In addition, it has extensive accounting capabilities, including tracking expenses, issuing invoices, presenting results and storage of data for preloaded report forms. When you install this type of program, you should ensure that you have a firm that can provide you with long-term Peachtree support for technical issues. Here are the primary services that you can engage for your small business.


Remote Training for Peachtree


If you want to use Peachtree software efficiently, it is crucial to ensure that you and your employees are properly trained. The guidance will limit the time wasted and the potential for mistakes because the user will not have to rely on intuition and general knowledge for the accounting tasks. You can choose between classroom and remote sessions from your tech support company. The classroom type involves training in all the functions of the Peachtree software, usually in an area far from your offices. Remote training will be conducted in your Desktop/Laptop or Mac to ensure that the education is customized to your needs.

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Consider these important advantages of on-site over classroom training for the Peachtree Software:

  • Remote training allows the user to learn using real data from the company in learning. This will increase understanding and information retention compared to using sample date.
  • With this training, the employees will not need to learn about the features and functions that they will never use.
  • Remote training is quicker to complete because of the hands-on training provided to every individual.
  • Peachtree Plug-In for Accounts Receivable

Troubleshooting and Repair Your Peachtree Software

You should have reliable tech support for Peachtree software to provide troubleshooting and repair program. Basically, the system can experience problems due to issues such as accidental installation of malware in computers, poor usage of your accounting software and even failure of the computer hardware. The support fan will identify the cause of failure based on the error reports efficiently. Sage error 1603 and How to fix it? In addition, they will restore the system while minimizing potential damage to the files in the accounting software.

Upgrades and Migration Your Peachtree Accounting Software

Peachtree accounting software receives periodic updates from developers. Generally, the upgrades are easy to set up, but it is prudent to engage a certified third-party technician for the task. They will ensure that the right procedures are followed instead of just relying on installation prompts. Consequently, the install will be finished quicker. In addition, a god technician will provide assistance in migrating from an alternative accounting software to Peachtree, while ensuring that your data is protected.

Why Should You Choose Technical Support For Peachtree

There are different tech support packages for Peachtree software that you can choose for your small business. Therefore, inquire about all the possible options to determine the best choice. If you have some experience with Sage software, you will probably only want assistance with regard to repairs. On the other hand, a premium tech support package will be essential if you choose to incorporate some of the advanced Peachtree features into your accounting software.