Sage 50 Payroll and Sage 50 Cloud Payroll are software solutions designed to handle payroll process at your workplace. These are technologically driven software programs that do all the hard work irrespective of size and complexity of a database.

Being easy to install and set-up, first-time users easily get accustomed to this software. In spite of simplicity of the interface, it comes with 24×7 support solutions. The support desk for Sage 50 payroll comprises of highly qualified technicians who are available on call or via email. Before we dive into the details of Sage 50 Payroll support, let’s understand the interface in brief. You can call support to fix Sage 50 Payroll Direct Deposit Issue

Sage 50 Payroll in a Nutshell

Being an innovative software solution, Sage 50 software offers a stress-free payroll management interface. It enables a legislatively compliant solution that helps you stay in complete control of all types of payroll related processes. Data is easily accessible with all the requisite tools at your fingertips. In case of any confusion, support technicians are just a call away, ready to walk you through every step.

Sage 50 Payroll Support Eliminates Admin Confusions

In case of automatic enrollment related confusion, a Sage 50 Payroll Engineer will help you automate the processes. You not only get to save time and money but also understand the intricacies of the NHS-specific configuration, if you are interested.

Support to Help You Automatically Assess Your Workforce

  • Support technicians help you assess your entire workforce under auto enrollment, at the click of a button. Certified engineers sort your workforce as per worker status, age, and earnings in the pay reference period
  • If you are unable to put your workforce into the correct category, our Sage 50 payroll support help desk will help you do it. They readily enroll eligible jobholders under the correct qualifying pension scheme and explain you the steps in detail
  • You can refer the support manual to manage postponements
  • Support technicians will explain and also help you manage opt-ins and opt-outs, as received from the pension provider 

Support for Automatic Data and Payments

  • Our Sage 50 experts will enable reduced manual processing which means lesser errors.

Call our Sage 50 payroll helpline on 1800 273 5709 to know in detail about SAGE product related support.

Support for automatic communication

  • Technicians help you set up and learn how to create personalized messages for instant communication. Support for postponement notices, auto enrolment updates, and more will be provided. You can also learn how to choose from pre-set messages
  • Training and support will help you track and access previous communications

Support also available for NHS Pensions Module

  • Learn how to help NHS organizations’ tiered pensions with Sage 50 support
  • Every single functionality is compliance and precision assured.
  • You can also seek support to accurately define and calculate group-specific pensionable pay
  • You may choose to upload data so as to create bespoke NHS reports. Support technicians for Sage 50 Payroll will help you understand the process

Why should you get support for Sage 50 payroll?

Support from certified personnel ensure your systems are up at all times

  • Tech support helps you learn how to download the software instantly while purchasing online
  • With certified assistance, you will be able to leverage the power of straightforward installation
  • Technicians help you understand and apply the set-up wizard
  • There is no need to hire service of a payroll professional
  • Sage 50 support technicians train your employees to use the interface like pros
  • They also share a repository of ” how to” videos for your ready reference
  • Sage 50 support solutions make common day to day tasks very easy
  • With them, you may touch base with MS Office by simply importing all existing data files, into CSV file format
  • Thereafter you can connect your Sage payroll application to Sage 50 Accounts as well as Sage 50 HR. Then you may transfer all your data by following a few quick and easy steps
  • Onsite Support for Sage Payroll application is available as a superb feature

Get support to manage your payroll on Sage 50

  • Sage 50 payroll technical support desk is adept at processing weekly to monthly payrollapplication
  • They help you opt from a wide range of pay slip layouts, to suit your business-critical needs
  • You can get a demo from a support engineer on how to email or print pay slips on the go
  • Technical support desk also assists you to evaluate payments as well as deductions on demand
  • It is easier with Sage 50 Payroll to calculate and process employee loans, including record as well asevaluate holiday pay
  • You can also seek assistance on ways to electronically pay your business employees through e-banking, calculate PAYE along with NI liability, including salary journals. Also, it enables to implements variances both in pay as well as hours
  • Technical support desk is also contactable for all recording and calculation related queries, related to salary deductions

Sage 50 Payroll support desk helps you stay posted about legislation

  • SAGE 50 Payroll is an HMRC recognized software and it is supported by industry certified technicians
  • Every single technical support officer is aware of latest legislation laws for the taxable year
  • They will help you to automatically evaluate statutory sick, adoption pay, maternity, and paternity
  • In the case of recording student loans, they will ensure the attachment of entire pays orders
  • They will help you record fixed amounts and percentages for all types of calculation on pension schemes

Get support to rightfully pay your business staffs with this robust solution

  • Support desk helps you pay your work forces directly from your Sage software, which is a highly time saving solution
  • You can seek assistance on managing and tracking payments instantly
  • Support desk ensures your payments are secure and protected by stringent certifications and authorizations
  • Get support on Sage Payments. These are offered by Sage Payments Ltd (UK), an authorized software which comes under2011, Electronic Money Regulations (EMR) that issues electronic money
  • You can also learn how to store employee records pertaining to holidays, salary history,appraisals, absence, job history, disciplinary record, written statements etc.

Sage 50 Payroll Support helps you leverage a bespoke business solution

  • Seek assistance from SAGE 50 Support desk on multiple optional add-ons on the cloud
  • Understand the intricacies of Auto Enrolment preparation and elimination of complexities with Sage 50cloud Payroll Pensions Module Support
  • Technical support is also available for NHS Pensions Module to help yousimplify and avoid time-consuming processes linked to NHS tiers
  • Learn how to make Sage Payments with 24×7 support pertaining to payment to suppliers and employees. These are secure, on time, and come straight from Sage 50 solution.

Managing the technology behind Sage 50 Payroll Software is a tough task. With the right tech support, a business owner such as you can focus on your front-end business. All other hardware and software intricacies will he handled by certified technicians from the SAGE 50 Support desk. They not only work magically behind the scenes, but also train and guide your designated finance team to use the interface smartly.

So, connect with Sage 50 payroll help desk team for simplified answers to the unwanted issues with Sage 50. Call us toll-free at 1800 273 5709.