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Sage Error 1603

Sage Error 1603 arises during the installation process of Sage 50. This error is also known as the installshield error. The name is derived from the root cause of this error, which is the installer for Sage 50. Corrupt installation files or interference from other softwares can cause this error. In addition to Sage Error 1603, users may also be encountering errors 1721, 1722 and 1935.

  • The specific reasons behind the occurrence of error 1603 are:
  • Not Enough disk space
  • .NET framework issues
  • User Account Control Settings in Windows vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
  • Problem with .NET framework
  • Other softwares like Firewall and Antivirus

Fixing Sage Error 1603

Depending upon the root cause behind the error, the steps aimed towards fixing it change. Below we have provided all the necessary steps alongside the reason behind the error. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and easily resolve error 1603 in Sage 50.

Not Enough Disk Space

There are instances in which the user encounters this error due to insufficient disk space. To check disk space you can log into your computer and open windows explorer. Peachtree Moving Data to Another Drive, Then by going to ‘Computer’ you can easily know the amount of disk space free for installation. You can either free up space or change the installation folder through the installer. For doing so, you should select custom installer and click on browse. From there select the directory you want to install Sage 50 in.

Peachtree Premium 2010 Data Files

Viruses and other malicious softwares can make it appear as if the disk is completely filled. To remove such softwares use antivirus and antimalware programs. Usrs should also consider defragmenting their disks. This will provide additional space by restoring the data saved on your system. Follow these steps for defragmenting a particular disk:

File Encryption

Disk encryption block the installation of softwares. Through bitlocker or other encryption softwares, users can easily encrypt disks and files on their system. This disables the accessibility to these disks and folders. Make sure that you have selected a decrypted path for installing your Sage 50 software. Check for ransomwares as they are notoriously known for clandestinely encrypting your files and folders.

Run a disk check to ensure that there is no damage to the hard disk. Disk Checker is available alongside the Disk Defragment tool.
Problem with .NET Framework
.NET is an open source framework provided by microsoft. Many installers rely on this framework in order to run the setup. You can download and install this software easily. Windows 8 and later will automatically prompt you to install this framework in order to continue with the installation.

If you already have this framework installed on your system but still experiencing this error then follow the following steps:

  1. Goto Control Panel
  2. Goto Programs and Features
  3. Select .NET Framework and click repair
  4. Install a clean copy of this framework if the error still persists.

If some library required by Sage 50 has been corrupted then you will need to repair or reinstall the whole program.

User Account Control Setting

To make changes to these setting log into the user with administrative privileges. UAC sets a limitation on the activities that particular users can perform on their system. It can also be used for blocking installations of programs. You can change these control by following the steps provided below:-

  1. Goto Control Panel
  2. Search for User Account Controls
  3. ‘Change user account setting’ will appear in the new window. Select this option to proceed.
  4. Set User Account Control to none.

You can quit all third party softwares like antivirus and firewall in order to remove hindrance being caused by them. Feel free to contact Sage 50 support team, to know more or to get Error 1603 resolved.

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