One of the most preferred accounting software Sage 50 and its different peripherals comes loaded with high performing features. The rich features and tools stuffed within the software has made financial management seamless. Sage 50 premium version includes the Connection Manager to manage access to its MySQL database.

With the help of Connection Manager the software easily updates the data changes in real-time exempting the need of manual saving of the altered changes. The Sage 50 Premium Connection Manager authorizes the requests from the Sage program and the third-party program implemented to link successfully with the data of the company data.

The Connection Manager needs to be installed on the computer or server that acts as a repository of the crucial company data. In a environment where multiple user is implemented it is used for secondary access authorization to the database to alter changes in the primary data file location.


Sage 50 Premium


I’m having terrible trouble, I can’t find my connection manager and I can’t open my sage and I’m trying to find out my account number and I can’t do that either I don’t know what’s going on here. I have problems there all over the place where I work that connection manager all of a sudden disconnects itself why is it doing that on everybody’s computers.

Installation of Connection Manager

For the installation of Connection Manager on every computer that is needed is easy and quick. It also requires installation on the system or the server that acts as a store house of the crucial financial data. It can also be installed on the computer or server where the data is stored in case required. The latest version of the Connection Manager can only be installed on a Windows OS environment as well and it can’t be installed on Mac OS, Linux system or NAS drive.

Steps to Download and Install the Sage 50 Connection Manager

  • The Sage 50 Connection Manager is automatically installed when Sage 50 is installed.
  • Installation of Sage 50 is under two scenarios:
    • Workstation Installation
    • Workstations and Server Installation
  • During the installation process you are shown an option to choose the right system at the workstation or a server.
  • Once a particular system is used on a workstation, installation of complete accounting product suite comprising the Sage 50 Connection Manager is done.
  • In case advanced is used on a Server, it allows installation of Connection Manager portion.

Why Error Occurred Opening Company File in Peachtree

Method to Fix:

Step 1: Open the computer with administrative rights.
Step 2: Move to Control Panel >> User Accounts, and confirm that you have administrative rights
Step 3: Select the Windows Start button, All Programs, then Sage
Step 4: Right-click Sage 50 Connection Manager
Step 5: Run as Administrator.
Step 6: If prompted for a username and password, write in the required fields to login as administrator on the system and try starting the service again.

Peachtree 2007 for Construction (Windows 2007 Error)

For further queries and doubts connect with Sage customer support team or connect with that is a reliable support agency that hires a competent support team that is easily approachable and available round the clock via email, online chat and toll free phone number 1-800-273-5709.

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