“Peachtree” is software for your computer that helps you create forms and maintain accounting information in a business environment. When you make documents and forms using the software, it saves and embeds the current default printer settings of your computer with the document. If you want to change the settings for a document, you will need to edit the document, change the default printer settings of the computer and save the document again. Also check if  you face message your printer not activated , speak to us.

Peachtree Accounting has been around longer than almost any other business management software. Among its other utilities, Peachtree offers small-business owners and their financial staff assistance with tax preparation, including the preparation of W-2 forms for a company’s employees. After preparing the tax information, you can print the W-2 forms from Peachtree directly.


I work for a non-profit and using Peachtree Quantum 2008 and when I go to print a purchase
order, it routinely goes to print the Peachtree form in its place of the form that I have made for my company. How do I fix this?

Run Peachtree Accounting on Mac

How to Alter Printer Configuration on Peachtree Accounting Software

  • Start your Peachtree accounting software
  • Edit the form or document as it is usually done.
  • On your computer Desktop click the start button and then click Devices or Printers.
  • Click the printer you would like to configure as default
  • Choose “Set as default printer”
  • Check mark of green color is displayed
  • A green check mark will be displayed next to the printer, approving the alteration
  • Go back to Peachtree accounting software window and save your form or document.
  • The Peachtree software automatically identifies the edited printer settings and save the new default printer with the document.

In case you fail to edit the print form within Peachtree accounting software you can connect with the Sage customer support team. Call to the toll free phone number 1-800-273-5709 and acquire instant support.

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