Sage 50 is number one business accounting software that is globally accepted by the small and medium sized industries. The software is integrated with potential features and tools that has been a boon to the small business sector specially. The complex accounting eases with the implementation of the software. It enhances accuracy and reduces the chances of manual errors with its automated functionality. But there are instances when Sage 50 program encounters problems due to technical reasons. These problems end up causing errors that affects the work flow. Sage 50 Unhandled Exception Error is one of the most common errors that Sage users encounter. Peachtree Error: “Reading General File for Module 4


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Sage 50 Unhandled Exception Error:


Sage 50 Unhandled Exception is identified as technical error that user faces with Sage 50 program under scenario: If the user carries out the transaction through account a report will open. Further when the accounts are deleted from the chart of accounts and attempt opening the transaction by account the unhandled exception error occurs. This error is followed with an error message:“Unhandled exception error has occurred in a component in your program. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. Index was not within the range. Must be positive and below the size of the collection. Parameter name: index.” Run Peachtree Accounting on Mac


When the user come across such an issue, click on continue the report restricts access. While attempting going through the account from one out of both the reports:  Balance Sheet or Income Statement, this error occurs. The edited accounts were deleted before the error occurs. This error comes up while choosing a client preparing the invoice.


Why Does the Error Occur?


The main reason why the error occurs is the account identified in the report opened are removed or deleted from the Chart of Accounts.


How to Fix the Sage 50 Unhandled Exception Error?


The solutions for the error mentioned below are for two scenarios in which the error occurs. Follow the steps rightly to get successful result.


Scenario I: In case the error occurs while generating report


In this situation you have to end all the reports while editing the Chart of Accounts. Ensure that the report you are attempting to access are during the below steps are executed.

  • Go to the Report Centre and open it
  • Choose the category of report as Financials
  • Choose the report via Transactions by Account
  • Choose Display
  • Go to the transactions through the account window -> Click Modify option
  • Choose from the options Report
  • Choose the template default report options by going to the transactions by Account ReportModify Report. Choose OK
  • End all the reports & report center
  • Choose Reports -> Financials -> Transactions by Account
  • Go to the account transactions and edit report window, choose the template Default report options
  • Edit the report in case needed and choose OK


Scenario II: If the error occurs while choosing a particular customer or vendor and while generating an invoice in a multiple user mode

  • When the error happens with a username excluding system admin, a new user id can be created:

Sign in to the company file following the system admin login credentials

  • Move to Configuration -> Configuration Users and Roles
  • Choose the related username -> Click Remove User
  • Put the user again in the list -> Click Add User
  • Configure a new username and password for the user


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