Sage 50 is a popular business accounting software tailored with productive features for seamless financial and accounting management of the small and medium sized industries of all sectors. The automated features and tools hasten the regular tasks and saves time and accuracy of work. As software and errors go hand in hand, Sage 50 program also encounters errors. Usually Sage 50 errors are followed with an error message. When Sage 50 exceeds the maximum allowed connections, error occurs. This error is also followed with an error message:

“You have reached the maximum allowed connections to Sage 50 Accounting. Please restart Sage 50 when one of the other users has disconnected.”

What is the major cause of the error?

This error happens due to various reasons. They are listed below:

● Sage 50 SmartPosting service fails to run on the non-Quantum release.
● Multiple SERIAL.DAT and Options.dat files.
● A new serial number is added as update to the account for more licensed users.
● Open Files on server that have not closed.
● Pervasive service is not there due to a corrupt or incomplete installation of Pervasive. Convert Peachtree Sage 50 to QuickBooks
● Antivirus software expiry.
● Latest Service Release not found.
● Shared data folder has incorrect permissions.
● Sage 50 installed a single user license.
● Other programs that rely on Pervasive.
● Pervasive running as pre-load on server.
● Pervasive fail to carry right user count in SageReg.exe for Quantum version.
● Wrong installation of Pervasive or Sage 50.
● The company data path comprise of locked files.
● Server has communication issues.
● Computers with similar name.

Suggested Resolutions:

The solutions mentioned below are for different scenarios when the error occurs. Identify the exact reason why the error has occurred and choose the right solution to fix the error. Sage 50 Activation Key Gets Expired Follow the solutions in the given sequence and the right steps.

Solution I: While using single-user license or a third-party program that confide on the Pervasive database
● In case you are using a single-user version, Sage 50 is impossible to be installed on a network.
● All the company data save in the program must be saved on a local drive of the computer where Sage program is used.
● Upgrade your Sage software to a multiple user license to use Sage over a network.
● To get the multi-user license that confides on Pervasive, make final purchase of the amount of licenses that agrees to the amount of Pervasive licenses required.

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Solution II: Sage 50 SmartPosting Service Stops Functioning on a non-Quantum release using a single-user license
● A specific server will consume a Pervasive license if the SmartPosting service if it is running on the server. With the release of Quantum version Pervasive should add an extra license so that SmartPosting service can be executed without hindering with current number of licenses.
● You need to stop the SmartPosting service on the server to fix the error.
● This error might also occur by the SmartPosting running on a workstation on either Quantum or non-Quantum versions as the SmartPosting service runs on the Server only.

Solution III: Purchased extra user licenses
● Choose Help and check thoroughly the right serial number that agrees with the number of user licenses finally purchased.
● The new serial number have to match with the new user licenses purchased.

Solution IV: Improper Installation of Sage 50
● Uninstall Sage 50 software.
● Then uninstall Pervasive.
● After that again reinstall Sage 50.
● Check the Sage 50 program that if it opens successfully without errors.

Solution V: Antivirus program expired
● You need to update your antivirus software subscription or uninstall the antivirus program.
● Check if you can open Sage 50 without errors.

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