Since the introduction of Sage 50 accounting software nearly thirty years ago, the application has been helping small to big enterprises to streamline their accounting and payroll operations to facilitate them with the ability to make better business decisions. Today, pegged as one of the advanced business software, Sage 50 Unhandled Exception Error, Sage 50 is helping businesses keep a track of their finances and stay compliant with reporting requirements.


From basic features to advanced functionalities, this trusted desktop solution can manage your inventory, process invoices, and track cash flow in the simplest and time efficient way. What’s more, its built-in features can securely give you real-time access to critical info along with:

  • Tracking customers to optimize sales orders with a simple click of the mouse
  • Recording business expenses to keep a tab of cash inflow and outflow
  • Invoicing customers online and accept payment on-the-go
  • Creating dashboards and report at a click for analyzing cash flows, inventory, and much more! Reached to Maximum Allowed Connections to Sage 50
  • Paying employees’ salaries, taxes, and track other benefits


Even though a user gets a plethora of benefits using Sage 50 software, it is not rare to experience errors intermittently. For instance, if you get an error, “Sage 50 database engine on computer is unavailable” then you can either follow the standard procedure listed by IMPCsupport.Com or if the issue continues to persist, it is advisable to timely reach out to their helpdesk team to avoid any latency and slowness with the product.

What causes Sage 50 Database Engine Unavailable Error?

If a user is experiencing an error on the computer screen displaying, “Sage 50 Database Engine on Computer is Unavailable” while accessing the company’s records or starting any program on the desktop, it is important to make sure that they are logged in on their computer or the database service is continually running. If none of the above cases apply, check for below reasons:


  • If IPv6 is aptly enabled
  • If they have access to the shared folder
  • If the files being accessed are damaged or encrypted
  • If their ~pvsw~.loc file is damaged or directing to the wrong server

How Can You Resolve This Error?


IMPCsupport.Com has listed below options which can be followed by a user to promptly resolve this error. Here’s how it can be done:


Solution 1: Disabling IPv6

To disable IPv6 on your desktop, please refer below steps:

  • Click “Start” -> go to “Control Panel” -> select “Network & Sharing Center” and double click on “Change adapter” settings
  • Next, go to “Network Connection” and click on “Properties”
  • As you are prompted to “Networking tab”, simply clear “Internet Protocol V6.0” box and click “OK”
  • Restart your computer to check if the error still persists.


Solution II: Ping Server

For this option, you may need to first verify if you can ping the server right from your workstation. If you get a “timed out” error, react out to Sage technical support team.

Solution III: Validate ~pvsw~.loc

If your ~pvsw~.loc file is damaged or directing to the wrong server, you may follow the below steps:

  • Close the latest version of Sage 50 software and browse the folder to correctly locate your company directories
  • Next, delete ~pvsw~.locand re-open the software to verify if the error still exists

Solution IV:  Check your Shared Folder

If the data in your shared folder is not accurately shared, look out for the file permissions and see if they are correctly set. This can be done by checking the “Properties” of the “Sharing tab” and validating if the permission to share the folder is already clicked, if not simply click the check box for “Share this folder” in the “Advanced Sharing” option and click “OK”.

Solution V: Check for encrypted files

If your files are encrypted then you would need to uncheck this option by going to your company files directory -> click Properties -> double click “Advanced” option -> uncheck “Encrypt contents” box -> click “Apply All”.

As you reopen the software, check if you still receive Sage 50 Database Engine Unavailable Error.

If you are still stuck with the issue and unable to resolve by following the above options, reach out to our Sage 50 technical support team helpline to get a prompt resolution in minutes!

Dial us toll-free for Sage application related help at 800 273 5709.

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