Errors are always stressful, specifically when you are striving hard to accomplish the requisite task that has approached the deadline. The same goes with one of the prevailing accounting framework Sage 50 that sometimes entail errors, which further alleviates work efficiency and productivity. In order to fix such unwelcome errors when Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working, you need to connect with a reliable Sage 50 support provider.

Other Descriptions Are:

  • Error When Opening Task Window My Sage 50 Has Stopped Working
  • Error After Windows 10 Update My Sage 50 Has Stopped Working
  • Error When Opening the General Ledger My Sage 50 Has Stopped Working
  • Error When Opening Reports My Sage 50 Has Stopped Working is one such Sage application help benefactor that proffers seamless yet proficient support to businesses across all verticals.

This article attempts to highlight tried and tested methodologies to follow when Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working:

The aforementioned situation arrives owing to two most prevalent reasons:

  • At the time when the hosts file has altered
  • The other reason is when the data is placed in a different end-user account


Now, let’s move to solution section:

Solution 1: Hosts file Please go through the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue if you are using Windows 7, 8, or Vista.

Solution 2: Open Notepad


Going ahead, select the hosts file to open up

  • For this, click on the file tab to open the hosts file
  • Once done, you need to modify*.text file format to *.* All files. After modifying the file type, you need to open the C Drive and add local-host at the very start of the file. For more details, connect with Sage 50 professionals
  • Now, do not forget to save all the modifications you made just now and verify if your Sage 50 has started working. Sage 50 Unhandled Exception Error


If your Sage 50 accounting application remains inaccessible, reboot your PC and check if it’s working fine now. Don’t panic if your Sage 50 application takes couple of minutes to open up.

Other Reasons That Makes Sage 50 To Stopped Working:

  • You might install an old version of On-line backup.
  • Obstruction due to User Account Control (UAC)
  • Limited user access may be allotted to the user.
  • Unable to installed new service.
  • Software is running with restricted access.
  • Software may be obstructed due to Anti-virus or Anti-spy-ware.
  • Keyboard with touch screen can be conflicted the service


For those who are using Windows XP, the below mentioned solution will work:

  1. Opt for selective startup to start windows. Once selected, restart your computer
  2. Now, go to the control panel to Uninstall your Sage 50 application
  3. Thereafter, opt for the .net cleanup and browse to C Drive to remove v2.0.50727 folder. To know more, connect with our Sage experts at helpline no
  4. Remove the data from the temporary folder of Windows OS and move to the “Advanced tab” to opt for “Environment Variables”. Herein, You will get to know the temporary folder location
  5. Finally, reinstall your Sage 50 application

Solution II: Multiple Network Cards

  • In case you have off late configured Sage 50 Accounting application 2014, it is recommended to ascertain that your connection manager edition 3.0 is on the server.Now Double click on connection manager properties option


Solution III: Network Settings

  1. Move to your system’s Control Panel. From there go to the device Manager than to Network Adapters and double-click on the same
  2. Opt for the Power Management option and uncheck the request, which says “allow the PC to turn out the device to save power”
  3. Not to forget, you need to ensure that this process is performed on all PCs

Solution IV: Opt for Run as Administrator

  • In this method, you need to click right button on the Sage 50 shortcut icon to opt for Properties
  • From properties, move to the Compatibility tab and tick mark the Privilege Level box
  • Once done, run the application as an administrator


Solution V: Data in Different End-User Account

  • First, you need to launch Windows Explorer. Once you have opened the same, you need to visit the data location in order to copy .sai and .saj
  • After copying the same, make a folder in your C: Drive.
  • Now, open the new folder to paste .saj and .sai there. After that open your Sage 50 application to the Welcome window and opt for an existing company option
  • Going forward, you need to navigate the window to folder that you have created and the open the .sai file


If you are still finding difficulties in accessing your Sage 50 account, don’t panic! You can simply reach out to our IMPC support helpline no. to overcome this catch-22 situation. help team can be easily reached from any part of the world for Sage 50 tech support at our toll-free number 1 800 273 5709.

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