Sage 50 is one of the best accounting software which is used in almost all business verticals for managing financial activities. The software comes with an array of high-end features that makes accounting as easy as pie. Over the years, Sage 50 has become distinctive framework for satiating the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses.  Like other applications, this accounting platform may also incur with pesky errors like Windows file system error “2018375670”, Email Writer Error, and Printer Not Activated Errors. However, such errors can be quickly wiped off in minutes by simply connecting with IMPCsupport.Com team of erudite Sage 50 professionals. The other way out is to follow the guided instructions to overcome this catch-22 situation.

This article attempts to highlight proven ways to fix Windows 2018375670 file error:

General symptoms of File Error Code -2018375670

There are a few indicators of this error like slothful PC performance and frequent system hang-ups.  In addition to this, shut down and startup problems may occur. Going ahead, you can also encounter installation errors.

What Causes File System Error?

There are some misconfigured system files due to which File System Error -2018375670 typically occurs. There are more possibilities of this error if your system has broken registry entries, or owing to bad sectors. However, these windows errors are easy to fix. Sage 50 Accounting Has Stopped Working

Resolution 1

File System Error “2018375670” can be fixed easily with a chkdsk command

We can tackle this issue by running command “chkdsk” in command prompt with the help of /f parameter. Apparently, this /f parameter will locate and obliterate errors. Apart from this, the disk must be locked in order to use the /f function. If in case, the drive is still unlocked even after running chkdsk command, a message will pop up seeking your permission that if you are looking forward to check drive again after rebooting your PC.

How to run chkdsk Command?

In order to run the chkdsk command, you just need to strike both windows key as well as X keys together. Once done, you need to opt for Command Prompt (Admin) and write chkdsk /f followed by pressing the Enter key. Then you will get an option of Yes (Y) or No (N). You need to choose Y option, if you wish to commence Disk Checking when thePC Restarts. Going forward, you need to mention shutdown /r followed by pressing the Enter key. After taking these steps, you PC will reboot and disk checking will take place.

Resolution 2

Run comprehensive Virus Scan

If the above method fail to fix the file error, try running an anti-virus application to scan your PC for malicious applications. At times, a few malicious programs invade into your PC and tend to delete dll files.

Error Sage 50 Database Engine on Computer is Unavailable

Type in Windows Defender in the Search Box and double click on the antivirus program icon to launch it. Follow the guided instructions to run the scan. If you are unable to commence the process at your own, you can also connect with IMPCsupport.Com team of professionals from the comfort of your place.

Resolution 3

Perform Updation of Windows System Files

  • In this method, you need to update system files by following the below-mentioned instructions:
  • First of all, you need to write update in the search and hit the Enter button
  • Now, Click on Windows Update option and check updates. Thereafter, configure all the enlisted updates in the update dialog window.
  • Do not forget to restart your PC once the update process is completed.

Resolution 4

Reset Sound scheme

  • First of all, you are required select Volume icon and right-click the same and from the drop-down opt for Sounds option
  • Now, simply set the sound scheme back to Windows default and Click OK followed by OK
  • Finally, reboot  your PC


Resolution 5

Reset Store Cache

In order to reset Windows Store cache follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • You need to hit both “Windows” as well as “R” keys together in order to runthe program
  • Now, in the run window, you need to enter WSReset.exe and click OK to proceed
  • Once the store reset process gets over, reboot your PC

If you are still not able to accomplish the same and witnessing file system error 2018375670 with your Windows operating system, you can simply get in touch with our Sage 50 helpline no 1-800-273-5709. Our application help team professionals will assist you in getting out of this irking situation with minimal user intervention. These experts are 24*7 available for any kind of technical support.

For any Sage related help, call us toll-free at our helpline no +1 800 273 5709.

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