Sage 50 users many a times encounter the error “Printer not activated error code – 30”. It is pretty common in Sage 50 email writers. This error generally occurs while the user attempts to email forms. Error message displayed on the screen appears because the form or file about to be printed, fails to get created. So, it never manages to reach the printer queue. In order to resolve this issue, one has to figure out all the missing components in the Sage 50 email writer.

Major causes behind this error can be segregated into two broad categories.

Firstly, presence of an anti-virus software on the system and secondly, deletion of the email writer file itself by mistake. Let us now take a deep dive into ways to resolve each of the reasons behind the commonly faced Error Code 30 in a Sage 50 Email Writer. Repair Windows File System Error -2018375670 – SAGE 50.

Solution 1: Completely close down the email client on the system

You can do this by killing the program in the task manager. Once the email client has been closed, try to print or email once again.

Solution 2: Immediately run Sage 50 as the administrator on the system

You can do this by disabling the user account control. Another way to do it is by running Sage 50 as the administrator by doing a right click on the Sage 50 icon and clicking on ‘RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR’. Sage 50 Accounting Has Stopped Working

The former is a more reliable troubleshooting option than the later though.  You can also connect with our IMPCsupport team of Sage 50 technical professionals for immediate help.

Solution 3: Simply deleting Sage 50 email writer file from your computer

  • After deleting the Sage 50 email writer file, you can quickly initiate repair program from your installation folder. How do you go about this? First, close the Sage 50 program/application on your task manager.
  • Then, go to Control Panel and navigate onto Hardware and Sound. Thereafter go to Device Manager and select it. Now it is time to right-click on Sage 50 E-mail Writer version second or v2. Now you must remove the device by clicking on Uninstall.
  • In case yours is a different version of Sage 50 email writer, you can follow the above steps as is. Now simply click on any available or connected printer. Then you have to navigate to and select the server properties button. This button is generally located right on top of your devices and printers screen.
  • Thereafter you can go to the exclusive Drivers tab. Here you can select any Document Converter available. In case it is not showing up, call helpdesk for immediate assistance. If it does show up, well and good! Simply click on Remove.
  • Now you have to select the option for Remove driver. Sometimes, it also has a separate option to remove a driver package. Simply click on OK and then run repair for best results. You can refer resources on How to run repair available online for this task.

Solution 4: Quickly disabling the anti-virus software on your PC

In any system tray or application folder, there are antivirus softwarefiles that are either unused or outdated. In case your system has them, right click on the particular folder and select the option which reads like disable the software.

Solution 5: Lastly, uninstall or update the Microsoft Outlook running on your system

Sounds complicated? Trust us, it is now. The basic issue is your Microsoft Outlook program is a 64-bit application running on your system. On the other hand, Sage 50 is a 32-bit software program. A 64-bit application program is never compatible with a 32-bit program.

As a result, faults like the Error Code 30 in Sage 50 Email Writer crop up in a computer. In order to resolve the same conflict, you have to immediately uninstall Microsoft Office 64-bit. The 32-bit version of Microsoft Office is easily available online. Simply upgrade your license to purchase and install the same. Once it’s done, your issue will get resolved in a jiffy.

Hopefully, now you have decided about the solution you will implement to resolve your Error Code 30 in your Sage 50 Email Writer. Whatever may be the approach or solution you implement, remember to restart your computer before you test it.

Experts suggest that rebooting the system is a basic troubleshooting technique that sometimes resolved 99.9% issues. Besides, certain common issues in a system like this Sage 50 issue require a complete restart. It is a tried and tested way for the operating system or hardware driver to resume function.

Sage 50 Helpline– A One-Stop Tech Support Helpdesk for all Kinds of Technical Solutions

If you aren’t confident about do-it-yourself practice for fixing the unwanted issue, you can always touch base with our Sage application support professionals to glean seamless and absolute support for all worrisome technical glitches pertaining to Sage 50. Reach out to our Sage professionals at 1.800.273.5709 for any kind of Sage 50 product or application help.

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