A business accounting platform that has taken the world by storm is none other than Sage 50 application. The solution is packed with quick techniques and features that make accounting an easy affair. This accounting framework is powered by advanced cloud technology that enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to manage their financial activities like never before. However, at times Sage 50 even entails some trivial issues when Your Activation Key for Sage 50 Has Expired, which may interrupt the ongoing work operations. Repair Windows File System Error -2018375670 – SAGE 50 [FIXED]

In this situation, it is best to connect with a reputed Sage 50 professionals immediately, or follow the listed solutions on your own to get the problem resolved.

This article discusses about what to do when your Activation Key for Sage 50 has got expired.

Here is a list of few proven solutions that can help you cutback issues pertaining to Sage 50 Activation Key Termination:

Solution I: Termination of Temporary Pervasive key

  1. To start with, first you need to close the Sage 50 application and open My computer in order to select the program path. Professional Sage 100 ERP Support
  2. Once you have browsed the path, you need to run  the SageReg.exe file and move to Key Status icon and from there you need select key state icon
  3. Stop, if you are able to locate a Permanent key in the License. If not, proceed with the further steps
  4. Now, you need to enter column in the displayed field and click on  Sage Activation  icon followed by clicking on the Activate button
  5. Follow the guided instructions and close down the Activation window(s) and launch Sage 50 to complete the Activation.

Sage 50 Email Writer Error Code 30

Just to add, in case if the Pervasive key has got terminated in SageReg (wherein previous date is mentioned) – it is imperative to first change your system’s date and make it before the pervasive date. Once the date has been set, just remove the CLIENTINFO.XML (from the data path). This will enable you to manually re-activate in Sage.

Solution II: Obstruction owing to outdated Anti-virus application

  1. In this case, you need to first uninstall the outdated or terminated Anti-Virus application.  Once uninstalled, you need to re-activate the Antivirus subscription plan
  2. Now, check if you are able to active and open Sage 50—U.S. Edition

Solution III: Corrupted files

  1. In this method, you need to first close down Sage 50 application and go to My Computer to select the path where the data files have been stored.
  2. Once you are on data path, you need to delete the a few of the aforementioned files:
  3. Open Computer
  4. Browse to the data path.
    • Options.dat
    • Serial.dat
    • Clientinfo.xm, and
    • Serial.dat.bak
  5. Once you have removed the aforementioned files, open Sage 50 again and validate if you are able to activate it now.

In case, you do not get the success and the problem still continues, you need to try other solutions mentioned below.

Solution IV: Broken Pervasive Installation

  1. Here in this method as well, you need to first close down Sage 50 application and restart Pervasive prior to uninstalling the same.
  2. Now, you need to remove all the installed edition of Pervasive and open Sage 50 application to validate if you are able to activate the keys now.

Section V: Broken Sage 50 Files

  1. First and the foremost step is to close down your Sage 50 software and uninstallOnce you have successfully uninstalled the accounting software, reinstall the same. After successful installation, check if you are able to get the expected job accomplished.

Solution VI. Pervasive 9.1 as well as analyzer still configured

  1. First, Close down Sage 50 application and check if there is any edition of Pervasive installed. If you are able to find the Pervasive, remove them.
  2. Now, open the  Sage 50 application and check if your expected goal has been achieved

More to add to it, there are chances that your DNS server has some problem. In such situation, you can connect with Sage 50 technical helpdesk team to get the problem fixed.

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