Printer not activated is a common error that bugs Sage 50 users. Especially if the system is running on Windows OS, this error crops up quite often. Are you facing the same? In that case, go through the steps given in this article to troubleshoot “Error! Printer not activated for Sage 50 on Windows” next time.

Most often, error messages displayed on the screen will look like the ones enlisted below, on a Windows computer.

  • Error code – 30&40
  • While e-mailing an invoice, Error: “Printer not actuated” shows
  • Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 computers show Error: “Printer is not actuated error code -30”
  • While e-mailing a report Error: “Printer not activated” shows
  • Error: “Printer not activated error code -41”
  • Cannot carry out transactions over the email
  • Cannot convert the requisite reports into PDF
  • Error: “Printer not activated error code -30”

Sage Error: “Printer not activated error code -40” on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 Computer

These messages do seem tough to decipher, but resolving them is a cake walk, once you read all the major causes and ways to resolve them on Sage 50.

Major causes behind ‘Printer isn’t activated’ error in Sage 50

Some of the main causes behind the‘printer not activated’ Error in Sage 50 are as follows:

  • The user account control, better known as UAC has probably got enabled by mistake
  • The email program running on your device is probably incompatible
  • The customized form you were using previously has got damaged
  • The sage 50 e-mail writer is probably being used as a printer by you or your team
  • The settings on your sage 50 e-mail writer are perhaps incorrect
  • The installation of Microsoft updates on your system is pending and long due
  • The e-mail writer is probably damaged, possibly beyond repair
  • The system is encountering a printer-driver hardware-software conflict
  • The Windows profile is encountering a possible bug or issue

Repair Windows File System Error -2018375670 – SAGE 50

Best ways to resolve ‘Printer is not activated’ issue in Sage 50

Given below are the best ways to resolve the ‘Printer not activated’ issue in Sage 50.

Inactivate User Control

In case yours is a Microsoft Windows version, 8, 8.1, or 10 you can connect with Sage technical support professionals to get the problem fixed in no time.

Error after one email

In all the systems with Office suites 2016, Office 365, and Click-to-Run or even Starter, users will face this issue. These office suites do not support or are not compatible with Sage 50.

In order to make the process feasible, contact our Sage 50 help desk to install compatible email program.

Damaged customized form

  • When you are trying to print or e-mail a standard report or form like a Balance Sheet, your form gets distorted.
  • The error occurs on email or print command execution
  • If you are unable to select a standard form, prints or emails successfully, seek professional help desk support.


When you use Sage e-mail writer as your default printer

  1. Close all open applications on your system including Sage 50
  2. Then you have to click Start
  3. Then you need to go toDevices & Printers
  4. You can navigate to the above path by visiting your system’s Control Panel
  5. You can check upon Sage E-mail Writer properly, whether it is set as default printer or not.
  6. In case it isfixed as the specific printer in default settings, you have to remove it
  7. Every time you print a document, ensure that youaren’topting for Sage 50 E-mail Writer as your printer


When you change permission settings and port for e-mail writer

  1. You will first of all have to close Sage 50
  2. Then you need to click on Start
  3. Then navigate to Printers and Devices
  4. There, navigate to Sage 50 E-mail Writerand right click
  5. Now you need to click on printer properties
  6. Thereafter select the securitytab
  7. In case all users are not enlisted in your group, click Add, and then go to Advanced.
  8. Then go to Find Now and selectEveryone. Then you may Add all one by one.
  9. Ascertain all the users as well as groups havegiven the requisite Controls
  10. Opt forPortsicon
  11. Now you must clickon Add Port
  12. Then go toLocal Port
  13. And then clickon New Port
  14. This is when you enterPDF1as yourPort Name and clickOK
  15. Now one by one, closeall printer ports
  16. Then you must validatePDF1in ports list
  17. Clickon configure
  18. Now you should upsurgetransmission retry to about 240
  19. Thereafter you can select theAdvancedtab
  20. Here, you can choose theSpool print documents option
  21. This becomes easy if you selector enable advanced printing features
  22. Now you can start printing directly to your connected printer
  23. Now you can clickApply and the clickOK
  24. It is a good practice to restart your computer after so many changes in settings to delete cache memory
  25. In case the error repeats, call for helpdesk support


When followed meticulously, the above steps will help you troubleshoot and resolve ‘Printer not activated for Sage 50 on Windows’ Error.

In case, if the problem continues, simply connect with our Sage technical team for application help. Our Sage 50 tech support help desk is accessible across all channels from the comfort of your place. Call us toll-free at 800.273.5709 for any issue pertaining to Sage application.

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