Peachtree is now called Sage 50 Accounting but is still the easy-to-use software that you came to enjoy. It makes your everyday accounting tasks straightforward and fast and provides you with useful insight into your position to save money and plan ahead. It is secure, and you can rely on the Sage Service community to accomplish the business goals you set for yourself.

Sage50 integrates seamlessly with Mac, and it is easy to set up using one of several different ways. Get Sage 50 Desktop Support Now.

Virtual Machine

This method is first on the list because it is incredibly simple to set up and manage. You can install Windows (and other operating systems) on your Mac in a way that will let your Sage50 Windows program act and execute as if it has the full run of your computer. In reality, it is running inside an enabler – just a portion of your Mac software. Your Windows program can even appear to be on your Mac desktop, but will still run and execute inside that virtual machine.

Peachtree Complete® Accounting

You will need a legitimate Windows license for this installation, and you can use your Windows product key for the Windows installation inside a virtual machine program.

Sage 100 Support

You can choose from several virtual machine programs for your Mac. Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion are popular paid programs. The open-source VirtualBox for Mac will do fine to run Peachtree Accounting on Mac hassle-free, unless you need good 3D graphics or intend playing your Windows games on the Mac.

Sage 50 Error When Using Outlook 365 on Windows Computer

Boot Camp

Boot Camp lets you install Windows alongside OSX, but you can only run one of them at a time, and you will need to restart your machine to switch between the two operating systems. The difference between virtual machines and this method is that you get all of the benefits of a full Windows spec PC on your Mac when you boot it in Windows, but can revert to OSX whenever you like. However, you cannot run your Mac OSX applications while you are in the “Windows mode.”

You will need a Windows license for this installation.

CrossOver Mac

A third option is the CrossOver Mac, a paid application with a free trial that lets you run Windows applications with exceptional performance without a virtual machine. It is based on the open-source Wine code and provides an excellent graphical interface

Remote Desktop

If you have more than one computer, you can skip all of the above methods and only use a remote desktop software. You access the other (remote) Windows system, which runs all of your other preferred Windows applications, via desktop software. If your company runs Windows business software, you can host Sage50 on a Windows server and make it available to Macs, Linux PCs, iPads and other devices. Home users can just configure their Windows PC to allow remote access, which will let you connect when you need your Peachtree Accounting applications.

Choose from any of the above solutions to run Peachtree Accounting on Mac Hassle-Free – side-by-side or alongside each other. Whichever way you choose, the legendary Sage customer service will be there to smooth out any bumps along the way.

Let’s contact with Peachtree support phone number at 1844.857.4857 for quick assistance.

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