Currently referred to as Sage 50 Accounting, Peachtree is a software that assists small business effectively address their booking keeping and accounting essentials. The system has been in existence for a little over 30 years and a leading brand in the accounting software enterprise. Production of the software is in 5 versions namely: Pro, Complete, Premium, Quantum and Accountant. Peachtree Complete is commonly used for small business whereas added bonuses and functionality makes the other versions suitable for somewhat larger companies.


Accounting has commonly divided people into two separate groups. These are those who transact and analysts. Sage 50 Payroll Direct Deposit Issue is easily fixed, however, more adored by analysts especially with the recently released editions. The software permits certain liberties and depth in significant areas in accounting.

The software syncs effectively with Microsoft Outlook (“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sync with Peachtree Sage 50“), and keeps customer and vendor information. Through this,the software creates the much needed database for small business owners and vital company financial details. The Peachtree software permits comparison of financial performance with other business through the reports kept financial organizations. Such comparison expose business owners to comparative trends in accounting and booking.

Testimonies from Businesses using Peachtree

Walker Pharmacy and Gifts, Statesboro, Georgia employs Peachtree software for its daily financial management. The co-owner, Devra Walker highlights the software has provided her with quick data solutions to her business. A Certified Public Accountant herself, she uses Peachtree 2007’s improved access privilege system to compliment the work of her data entry staff and the external accountant she employs for double checking purposes. Owning other businesses with her husband, she applies her Peachtree software to monitor employee milestones whilst preparing payroll or financial statements of the various businesses.

Accounting professionals identify recent versions of Peachtree payroll and processing systems to support quick and effective financial and accounting processing. Dean Penderghasht, a Peachtree consultant in California reiterates the system holds more data per record and quickly delivers results.

Paula Gilliand , an accounting consultant and e-commerce site owner, employs Peachtree Software to monitor the transactions o her medical instrumentation business. The software allows tracking of projects to ensure margins of manufactures who face difficulties of managing large inventories are exactly on point. Gilliand heavily relies on Peachtree to mitigate the difficulty in dealing with large inventory and sales details. Companies such Intel recently lost 38% of its quarterly profits due to a mix up between inventory and sales.

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Benefits of Using Peachtree

  • Easy formatting of formulas

The software enables simple formatting of formulas lists and figures when data is exchanged with Microsoft Excel or Outlook. The system permits ease in budgeting, cash-flow analysis and custom data fields. Speed and accuracy are an added bonus on the application of the software. Few business have reported any unsolvable difficulties with applications of Peachtree Payroll and Payment Processing.

  • Functionality

The software is fully functional and permits a wide range of financial and accounting tasks. The software effectively addresses all the day to day demands of small to medium businesses

  • Cost effective

Peachtree also promises a cost effective bonus. The software saves businesses the financial commitment in hiring an accountant for an effective and highly efficient software.

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Business challenges vary from company to company. However, you are recommended to upgrade Peachtree Cloud Hosting for quick Peachtree Payment and Accounting software results, ensure a streamlined service solves a general of business accounting and financial difficulties.

You can contact the Peachtree support phone number at 1844.857.4857 for Instant help.


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