Sage 50 accounting software is one of the well known accounting software that is richly featured with potential tools and automated functionalities that simplifies the business operations and saves lot of time. Direct Deposit feature is a remarkable Sage Payroll function that helps in transferring salary of the employee directly into their account rendering the use of paychecks unnecessary. The following details help to set up the direct deposit facility for the employee and also to edit some of the information. It is imperative to remember that user needs to complete and process the payroll details two days prior to the check date in order to transfer money on time to the employees. Intuit pulls out the required amount from the bank one day prior to check date and transfers it to employees account on the next day.


Sage 50 PayrollSage-50-Payroll-Direct-Deposit-Issue



Synchronization between Timesheet & Peachtree (Sage 50)


I trying to run payroll for my organization & what happened was I was trying it got close to the deadline for being able to submit the direct deposits. And I don’t know how much information you need up front or do I need to just play up the whole problem and Sage 50 error when using Outlook 2016 on Windows, I downloaded on my machine and so we got it to where it was on the server and we got a two hours on my machine and by the time we did all of this I wasn’t able to submit the direct deposits to think that but I was trying to meet the deadline so I actually went into the system and rand those I guess you know like the checks which enables you to print out the slips that you get to put into the envelopes for the direct deposits so numbers were assigned to that said that’s where it’s at right now I didn’t think them because if I had done that it was past the deadline and the dim the deposits would have been there 2015.

How to Fix:

The employees willing to participate in Direct Deposit service, requires to fill out the authorization form and pass it on to their employer along with a void check from the the bank. This form and check are treated as a form of record for the employer and does not require to be submitted to the Sage software.

In order to configure the direct deposit for the employees, user needs to follow steps listed below:

  • Start Sage program
  • Find out and click on Employees tab followed by Employee Center option so see the list of Employees.
  • Click twice on the name of the employee for selected employees.
  • Choose Payroll Info tab -> then click on Direct Deposit option.
  • Click on the option stating “Use Direct Deposit for (name of the employee)” under the new window called Direct Deposit.
  • Choose accounts – Choose one account or multiple accounts.
  • Enter the financial details needed of the employee such as name of the bank, Routing Number, Account type and Number.
  • For multiple accounts selected enter the percentage or amount to be transferred under first account as per the wish of employees’ wish while the rest is transferred to the next account.
  • Finally Click OK to save the information and complete the process.

There are situations when the user might face an issue or problem with the direct deposit feature execution. In such scenario you can connect with Sage customer support. Alternatively you can connect with IMPCsupport.Com that is a famous support agency roofing top Sage experts with extensive experience. Call to the toll free phone support number  1800-273-5709 and garner instant -support.-

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