Peachtree 2007 is accounting software developed by Sage Group. It is some exceptional features which will help your business to flourish. Peachtree 2007 is generally used for construction and it is a multi-user solution from Sage Group. It includes much construction-specific functionality with efficient accounting and analysis tools. These features are designed to provide assistance to small construction organizations, so that they can manage their operations. Sometimes users may get error like “Printer not activated When Emailing in Sage” in windows 2007. But this one is easily fixed by our Sage 50 Pro Support team.

Resolving the issues while installing Peachtree 2007:

If you are trying to install Peachtree 2007 in your Windows (Windows Vista and Windows 7) then there are chances that you may encounter some issues while installing it. So, here are some steps which should be followed:

  • Log in to the system as an “Administrator”.
  • Right-click on “W3DBMgr.exe Window Startup Task” from “Start Menu”.
  • Go to “properties”.
  • Copy the text from the “Target Box” from “Properties windows”.
  • A new Windows Tax Scheduler task is to be created.
  • The task needs to launch the matter from the target box.
  • This task is supposed to run as an “Administrator”.
  • The password gets saved in the task.
  • Now, you can schedule your log-in for any user.
  • It should be allowed to be “Run on Demand”.

Resolve issues with Task Scheduler:

Case I:

If your Task Scheduler fails to launch, then it can be easily resolved. You will have to create a new task and run it in your system.

  • Restart your computer system.
  • Log-in in to the system as “Standard User”.

Case II:

If the Task Scheduler fails to work then follow the steps below:

  • Go to C: \ drive location (C:\Windows\System32).
  • Locate the file known as “mmc.exe.config”.
  • Save this file somewhere else.
  • Install the Peachtree 2007 and restart your system.
  • Return the original file, which you have saved somewhere else in your desktop.
  • Open notepad to create a file with the following commands:
    • <configuration>
      <supportedRuntime version=”v1.1.4322″ />
  • This file is to be saved with the file name as “mmc.exe.config”.
  • Save this file in “System 32” folder in your C:\ Drive.
  • Start your computer again.

The solution mentioned in this article is recommended by Sage experts. You may choose Peachtree Cloud Hosting for fast solutions. If you have any queries regarding Peachtree 2007 or need any technical assistance while working on this software, then you should get in touch with the Sage Customer support. But, there are certain situations when you won’t be able to get in touch with Sage Customer support and in such cases you look you for alternatives.

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