Peachtree Business Products refers to a variety of business solutions that are offered to the business owners to simplify the complicated and time consuming accounting process. The different business solutions are managing accounting and finances, payment processing, manage people and payroll, business management, manage customer relationships.


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Features of Peachtree Software

  • Automize the manual processes saves time
  • Curtails the chances of error improving the accuracy
  • Reporting and Analysis helps to foresee business picture helps in quick decision making
  • Organizing and saving the crucial financial data is easy
  • Forecast cash requirements and manage cash accordingly
  • Record bills, payments, credits and returns for better control over expenses

Peachtree Business Products

  • Sage 50 Payroll
  • Sage Payments
  • Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting is a new way of managing small and medium sized business. This enhanced desktop software that allows you online approach. This is a reliable software and can be accessed anywhere anytime. It proves to be the excelled software to work along with your accountant while you are travelling.  You need to have strong internet connectivity and Sage 50 accounting software properly installed to carry out your accounting operations anywhere across the globe. There are three kinds of Sage 50 accounting software developed by Peachtree; you need to choose the right software depending upon the requirements of your business.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting: This accounting software version is stuffed with rich features like desktop software with online access, approach to built-in payments and payroll processing. Manages inventory and automate purchase orders. It tracks jobs, projects and profitability. This software is incorporated with manufacturing, construction and advanced distribution features. The software supports 10 users.

Sage 50 Premium Accounting: The Sage 50 premium accounting software features exempts the features of tracking jobs, projects & profitability. It also does not carry the manufacturing, construction and distribution features. This software version allows 5 users.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting: This single user software carries the minimum features like online approach to desktop, easy bills payment and payroll processing, generate financial, sales and tax reports.

Sage Payments

With Sage Payments you simplify the payment process of your business. Implementing the software helps you to pay, get paid and manage your cash easily. It is an easy way to make payments and the tools provided ensures business development. There are many new ways of payment such as – mobile payment processing, online payments, checks etc. It accords seamless checkout experience for your customers irrespective of their made of purchase and enjoy critical business features, such as fraud prevention and active support round the clock. The main features of the software are as follows:

Accept Payments: The software provides your customers with many payment options. It processes debit and credit card faster and more easily. The electronic checks and ACH payments process accounts more quickly to get the cash. Reward your customers for their loyalty.

Expand Sales:  Helps your business to grow eventually and add advanced capabilities for your future requirements. Through compliance payments solutions through mobile is easy and secure. Get point of sale terminals that are fast and secure. Handle recurring bills attached to your customer bank and manage online payments anytime anywhere. The donations made are completely secure and confidential.

Streamline your Business: You can manage your payments from a single location instead of multiple logins. You get funds to start or grow your business. You can handle accounts payable and receivable in one system. It saves time and reduces error chances.

Sage Payroll

The Payroll solutions developed by Sage helps you in effective and smooth payroll management. There two types of payroll products designed by Sage. You need to choose the right software for your business as per your business requirements. In case you may face payroll errors like “Sage 50 Payroll Direct Deposit Issue” or “Peachtree Payroll Payment Processing” can be fixed easily. They are as follows:

Sage Payroll Essentials: This product is especially for small businesses with simple payroll needs. It can be implemented in a company of size up to 10 employees. It has 26 standard reports and 11 predefined types of deductions. The software integrates to Sage 50 and Sage 100. It integrates with payroll tracks PTO, overtime etc.

Sage payroll Full Service: This Sage software is for businesses that prefer one-to-one service or businesses with complex requirements. It fulfills to the company with more than 10 employees. Payment options are through direct deposits, paycards, client generated checks, client generated checks etc.  It supports PC, MAC & browser agnostic.


If you are a Sage 50 (Peachtree) user and you are looking for the right Peachtree business product you can contact Peachtree support number at 1844-857-4847. You can report the same via various modes like: toll free phone support, email support, live chat etc. The Sage experts will attend your request and provide you the detailed process and guide you through the migration process.

It may happen that the Sage customer support number is engaged for a long time possibly due to technical reasons. If you need immediate support you can alternatively choose reliable third party agencies. Peachtreesupport is one of the examples of such acclaimed tech support providing companies for Sage accounting software. It hires highly knowledgeable and experienced Sage professionals who assure quick and feasible assistance once you report your request.

The support team is highly responsive in according assistance for conversion, migration, compatibility queries with its updated knowledge at fingertips. You get your resolution in minimum wait time. Easily connect through the toll free help desk number 1844-857-4847. We are open round the clock for assisting our clients.


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