Error in opening a Company File is a very common error that the Peachtree users usually face. This error occurs when Peachtree accounting software attempts to open a company that is damaged or has been removed from the Peachtree directory. Sage 50 error when using Outlook 2016 on Windows , The error may end up with restricting the user to access the software and hinder work process. To resolve the issue, you need to force open the Peachtree Startup screen rather than the last company opened. Below mentioned are the symptoms and causes of the error.


Symptoms of Company File Opening Error

  • The user is already logged in
  • Unable to approach the company file
  • Unable to open the file as it may be locked or in use, or access privileges may be incorrect
  • Unable to backup, can’t edit payroll categories as the file is being used by another application
  • Unable to backup and restore
  • Not more than 10 data files/company files in a folder can be a single time
  • Error -230 5116:0:0 (when attempting to optimize a company file)
  • The number of clients have accessed the file, any further request would be denied while attempting to open a company file

When did my Sage 50 company start?

Causes for the Error

  • System crashed and user id is locked
  • Another user has file open in single user mode
  • Permissions on file or folder inadequate
  • Company File opens with optimization assistant
  • Corrupt shortcut
  • Another application is holding lock files
  • Permissions on file or folder inadequate
  • System crashed and there are lingering lock files
  • File name and Path to file is too long
  • Another applications holding lock files
  • Backup / Restore not functional on Windows
  • There are many lock files
  • Inadequate Privileges
  • Company file opens with optimizer

Sage 50 Error: “File System Error 3004” Peachtree

Resolution for Error Loading Company File

Follow the steps below to correct resolution process:

The resolution steps for the error of loading company file includes information on modifying the registry. It is advisable that you backup the registry before you do further modification. You should perform these steps only if you are familiar with editing the Windows Registry.

Sage 50 Premium Connection Manager Not Working

Please contact your local IT Administrator or Computer Consultant for assistance if needed.

  • Click on Windows logo and R key to open the Run window. Type Regedit in the open box -> click OK.
  • Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peachtree\ (Flavor of Peachtree)\ (Version of Peachtree)
  • Highlight the Open History folder in the left-pane and on the right-pane delete all string values starting with Company name.
  • [Default has to stay in this window. Do not delete this string value.]
  • Then highlight the Options folder in the left-pane.
  • Double-click lastcompanyopen on the right pane and delete the Value Data -> Click OK.
  • Double-click lastcompanyopenlong on the right pane and delete the Value Data -> Click OK.
  • Double-click lastcompanyopenshort on the right pane and delete the Value Data ->Click OK.
  • Double-click showstartup on the right pane and change the 0(zero) to 1(one) -> Click OK.
  • Close the Registry Editor and open Peachtree.
  • Once Peachtree opens to the Startup Screen -> select File -> Open Company -> select your company.

Why Choose Us?

Even after following the resolution steps the error still persists you need to report it immediately to Sage customers support team for assistance via various modes like phone, email, live chat etc. Alternatively you can opt for reliable third party agency. We’re a trustworthy tech support providing company for Sage accounting software. It roofs highly knowledgeable and experienced Sage professionals who assure quick and feasible assistance once you report the problem. The support team is prompt in handling the company files loading error and assures quick resolution with minimum wait time. Easily connect through the toll free Peachtree help desk number +1-844-857-4847. We are open round the clock for assisting our clients.

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  1. Thank you, i found this post at the time when i needed the most. I was facing the file opening error from 2 days and was pulling my hair over it. But I followed all the steps and was able to resolve that at last. Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

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