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  • Can Sage 50 run daily 941 forms?
  • I was advised by the IRS that I need to submit daily 941 forms. Can this be done in Sage 50?

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  • The 941 form used in Sage 50 is only designed to be filed quarterly. Contact at 844.857.4847 for advice regarding daily filing options for tax form 941.

Tax forms

941 Federal forms are important and needs to be submitted at the year end to the respective federal taxing control. The 941 forms needs to be filed quarterly along with all the annual payroll details with the federal and state government. Once the information is completely entered it is printed on a plain paper. These forms can be e-filed in case Sage Business Care Platinum or Sage Business Care Gold with electronic filing service is subscribed.

The subscription for either Sage Business Care or Platinum Sage Business Care Gold is necessary to needed to print the form that is acknowledged to the federal taxing authorities. The subscribed users are authorized with electronic filing facility. Prior you print 941 or 941B forms you have to install the new update of Payroll Solutions to make sure Sage 50 tax forms that are in compliance with current government regulations. In case you do not have the subscriptions you will be restricted to print the form.

How to Print Federal Tax forms – 941/941B:

Follow the steps mentioned below for printing of 941 forms.

  • Go to the menu Reports and Forms
  • Choose Forms -> Choose Tax Forms. Choose a particular report or open form window.
  • Click at Forms for Payroll Tax.
  • In the forms box select the latest 941/Schedule B/941-V Report.
  • Choose the correct year going to the period section.
  • Go as per the steps displayed on the screen and then click ok.


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  1. After the SAGE 50 update, the 941 form will not any more estimate properly for the 4th quarter. Shows improper statistics on the employee’s rate. Also how can I print the PR Tax Liability Report & IRS FORM properly.

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